Thursday, 7 March 2013

1987 clive barker's hellraiser is one messed up horror,demon film.


rob zombie did a great remake in 2007 of the classic halloween.

this is a 1978 john carpenter's halloween is a great masterpiece.
 drag me to hell was a fantastic film that was made in 2009,creepy,gross and intense.good movie,enjoy.

        this film makes you think,what the hell?in 2002 this movie hit the blockbuster and scared thousands.

             one missed call was a good movie in 2008,but not as shit disturbing as the Japanese version.

now this is the stuff that makes you shit your self.2003 version of this, one missed call is one scary movie.

 anthony hopkins does a great job in this 2011 movie, the rite ,its all about possessions and its pretty creepy.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

1975 stephen king came out with this creepy vampire movie.
 part one of this 1984 a nightmare on elm street is the most scariest one of the nightmare on elm street this movie and enjoy.i found this film exhilarating and touched.they did a good job.

  in 1990 stephen king made this long,long,long movie about this creepy clown creature.good movie but long.

 the grudge. a 2004 film about a vengeful ghost that kills with out mercy.oh yeah,she looks scary as hell.

 in 1985 i started to love zombie movies because of this particular i am a crazed zombie lover fan.

                      this movie gave me the hebi jibis.the first mutant baby movie ever made in 1974.